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Synchronize with Microsoft's Outlook
Synchronize your contacts, calendars and tasks with Microsoft's Outlook email and calendar application. Enable users throughout your company to work together to share calendars, tasks between the EBSuite CRM group calendar and tasks and the familiar MS Outlook interface. This will ensure your critical customer information is within easy reach, whether you're connected online or offline.

Empower users to leverage EBSuite's built-in group calendar, task and company resources to work together and understand everyone's availability.
Ensure the highest customer service
Vital information where you need it
Eliminate errors or double entry
Work as a team
Monthly Service - No Risk! No Contracts


EBSuite CRM and MS Office Solutions
EBSuite's CRM comes with a built-in web based email system. This email system will connect to your company's Microsoft Outlook mail server and take a copy of each email (or any mail server that supports POP or IMAP protocols). This enables users to automatically receive and store important customer communication directly into their record. This will ensure important communication is always organized and available for your entire team.

Give your team the ability to quickly respond to customer requests. Managers can create unlimited email, postal, sales quotes and service templates which reflect your company's brand and message. It enables sales and support representatives to quickly deliver accurate, elegant responses to customers.

Microsoft Office & XML
Microsoft has recently begun to support the open source standard XML. EBSuite leverages the popularity of open source standards and technology like XML. EBSuite utilizes XML documents to enable managers to design their own email, direct mail postal letter and sales quotes templates. This creates personalized out-bound messages with EBSuite's merge code technology.

Data Analysis & Microsoft Excel
EBSuite's CRM report writer empowers sales and supports managers to export their data in CSV file format. This file format is a standard import file format for Microsoft Excel and other analytic programs. This will enable managers to "drill deeper into data" for further analysis. Easily import your information to statistical applications such as: Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, Cognos, SPSS or SAS

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