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EBSuite.com Integrated Modular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) EBSuite No Risk

Every business is different!
That's why we designed our CRM solution as a set of integrated modules. This design allows you to design and configure a unique solution that fits your unique business requirements. Purchase and deploy exactly the software you need and put it in the hands that need it most. Together, we design the perfect solution!
Enterprise grade CRM @ No Risk.

EBSuite's Free Customer Support
Each customer receives our priority technical support. This includes company administrator training, setup and customization of each module. Technical support is available by email at support@ebsuite.com, or visit our customer service portal, or by phone: 1-888-CRM-EBS0 or 1-888-276-3270 option #2, available 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday thru Friday.

EBSuite's CRM Systems and Technology
Physical security. EBSuite's production equipment is located in Fremont, CA at our secure facility with 24/7/365 physical security. The following technology and system security is included: Palm print and picture identification, redundant electrical generators, redundant data center air conditioners, and backup equipment designed to keep servers continually running. Please refer to our Adobe Acrobat data sheet, titled:Security & Technology for details.

Non-Profit Organizations - Free CRM Software
Non-profit organizations or open source projects may apply for free CRM accounts. Just let us know the name of your organization/project, and your URL for us to verify.

EBSuite's Corporate Application Purchase
Purchase our CRM application software and install it within your corporate intranet behind your firewall. We offer on-site installation and complete technical support. Prices start at $599/user/license, with a minimum of 10 user licenses. Discounts available for 25+ user licenses. Please contact our sales department at sales@ebsuite.com or call 1-888-CRM-EBS0 (1-888-276-3270). We are extremely aggressive and will exceed your expectations.

Developers, System Integrators & VARs
Developers, "why reinvent the wheel?", give your development project a head start and utilize our application. Our CRM applications are fully customizable and built with the enterprise in mind. Our CRM applications are built on the JAVA J2EE standards, to integrate with almost any other system. Please contact our sales department at sales@ebsuite.com or call 1-888-CRM-EBS0 (1-888-276-3270).

Utilize our Web Services API to communicate and exchange information with your existing applications, including: SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle applications. Our robust data architecture supports complex back office systems.

EBSuite uses Industry standard open technology which allows our application to execute on the most popular databases and application servers, such as, Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase, MySQL, Oracle Application Server and Orion/Tomcat. If you choose other commercial J2EE Application Servers and Databases, obtain a license from the respective vendor(s). An Email server is required for work flows and notifications.

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